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Heritage Foods (India)

HERITGFOOD (377) - POSTED ON 23rd AUGUST " Last hurdle 257-263
But trade and stays above that short term upside target  393-403" As posted it broken the mentioned hurdled on 23rd Aug. and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 393-403 (made high 395.75) 

Reliance Capital


State Bank of India


Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTRANFIN (615) - Yesterday once again double bottomed out at 595
Now  this is the strong support
so trade and stays below only fall and in that case down target 535-525

Sun TV Network

SUNTV (318.70) - It seems fall over (from 373 to 311) so expect pull back 338-348
But in case trade and stays below 313-308 then fall continue

Union Bank of India

UNIONBANK (193) - Posted on 19th Oct "Face Resistance 213-217" as posted  exactly it resisted at the mentioned level (made high 214.55 on 26th oct.) and from there already it came down to 190
Now what next ? 
Fall going to arrest between 190-185
But in case trade and stays below that fall continue and next attack in down side 162-158

Venky's (India)

VENKEYS (497) - Posted on 14th aug. Support 500-530 above that upside target 740-760 where as it went up to 623 and from there reversed and yesterday once again came to the support level
what next ?
Now this is the support once again
But if it  2 consecutive close below 490 then big crack going to happen
if so then the down side target 375-365
in between support 415-405