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IDBI (112) - Face resist at 118-122 But above that   ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 181--192 with in between resist at 142-146

Gujarat Gas Company

GUJRATGAS (406) - Above 410 up move only  and face last resist at  425-430 above that upside target and hurdle 485-495 with in between resist at 454-459

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation

DHFL(343) - Posted Upside Target 340-360 on 23rd Dec. 2013 itself and this was reminded on 14th May also. As posted it attacked the target on 23rd May itself (made high 343.65) , from there corrected up to 295 on 29th May , from there moving up and as on yesterday once again made high 345. Now what next ?  As posted already, Target and Hurdle  340--360   remain same. But if it trade and stays above that ready for big up move  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  585-605 with in between resist at  416-426  &  465-475

Andhra Bank

ANDHRABANK (106.65) - Support 104--98 Above that upside target  122--128  , 140-144 & this round Ultimate 156-160