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NF (5681) - In the last 9 days, it is trading with in 100 points range  so All Levels are remain same : Upside target and Resistance 5743-5763  (on 18th oct made high 5744) Down side target and Support 5654-5634 (on 16th Oct made low 5637) Above or below only next big move either up or down, other wise this is the range.    Below the support, next in down side 5460-5440 in between support 5550    

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (1202) - Posted on 11th Oct "LAST HOPE AND SUPPORT 1093-1083" as posted exactly it took support at 1083 on 11th oct itself and from there it is moving up and up to last friday it made high 1210. Now what is in ?  Target for the rally 1260-1285

Reliance Capital

RELCAPITAL (441) - Last hope and support 440-435  But trade and stays below that down side target 406-396