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NF (5653) -  Support 5630-5600
As long as hold this support,  this round (short term) ultimate target 6034-6064
Now above 5600-5630  upmove  continue to 5695-5715 & 5795-5820
But Below 5600 take it down to 5560-5540 and afterwards 5465-5445.

Jubilant Foodworks

JUBLFOOD (953) - Posted on 28th June "Above 818 upside target 960" as posted exactly 28th June  low 818 and yesterday high 961. yes it happended with in three days. now what next ? This is the top out  but in case  if it is beyond, then next  top out level is 1030-1050

State Bank of India

SBIN (2405) - On 26th may itself wrote the support 2140-2110 and once again remind on 17th june also. As posted it took support at 2120 on 20th June, from there , yesterday it attacked the 27th June mentioned upside target of 2385-2405 (made a high 2433). so it already moved from 2120 ot 2433  what next ? Now support 2350-2340 above this upside target 2562-2592

Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTRANSFIN (616) - On 27th June posted here "Last hope and support 610-590"  as posted last three days it repeatly took support and yesterday upwards move starts... so now support remain same. above this upside target 680 & 720

Tech Mahindra

TECHM (723) - Support 720-710 above that upside target 780-790 in between resist at 760