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NF (6259) - As posted on 30th Oct. It resisted at the mentioned  in between resistance of 6330-6360 (made high 6383 on Mahurat trading session) and from there correction is going on  Resistance remain same at 6330-6360 now the down side target and support 6220-6190 & 6150-6130 but below that next in down side 5990-5960 *** Above the mentioned resistance of 6330-6360, already mentioned   short term upside target  of  6570-6600  remain same. ***

Tech Mahindra

TECHM (1573) -   07th Oct. mentioned resistance of 1610-1630 remain same  but in case trade and stays above that 1710-1730 14th Aug posted target of ULTIMATE POSITIONAL UPSIDE TARGET 1830-1850 also remain same.