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United Breweries

UBL (796) - See the post dated 18th Nov. "mentioned support 720 (exactly it came down to 720 on 22nd Nov.) and mentioned first upside target 840 (exactly it went up to 838 on 13th DEC). So all mentioned levels in the post are remain same and intact. 

Tata Elxsi

TATAELXSI (347) - Posted on 25th Nov when it was trading at 244 " Face resistance 254-264, but trade and stays above that upside target 345---365" As posted it broken the resistance on 27th Nov.,when it closed at 272 and first it attacked 345 exactly on 4th DEC and corrected upto 305 and yesterday once again attacked the mentioned upside target of 345-365 (yesterday high 351.40) that is more than 30 % return that to less than one month. now what next ?  already mentioned target and hurdle of 345-365 remain same   But in case if it trade and stays above the mentioned hurdle then ready for mega breakout for mega target  if it happen, will post the mega target .

Rural Electrification Corporation

RECLTD (205) - Posted on 05th Nov. " Resistance 207-213, But trade and stays above that up side target 230-236" as posted it broken the resistance on 14th nov.(that day closed at 216) and once again came down and  took support exactly at 207 on 21st Nov. , from there it moved up and attacked the mentioned target exactly on 03rd Dec (made high 231.90) . not only that from there corrected and up to yesterday it made low 200 now what next ?  it seems correction ended yesterday  so now if not break 200 and trade above 209 once again upside target 220 and 230-236

Aurobindo Pharma

AUROPHARMA (349) - Apart from the 18th Nov. Positional Target post, again  On 03rd Dec.posted here about its immediate targets Yesterday   it was up by more than 12% so now immediate resist at 356-366 but in case trade and stays above that, then already mentioned on 1 8th Nov. positional target of  470-480 intact. ***** Here, First Break out posted on 30th Sep at 205-210 and second breakout posted on 18th Nov. at 275-285 after this posts, within 3 months it moved from 210 to 350  (that is more than 66 %) but still the target of 470-480 is due. ***

Asian Paints

ASIANPAINT (485) - Posted on 22nd Nov. " upside resist 515-520,  below 505 down side target 485" after this post not one time but three times it went up and resisted at 515-520 level and yesterday it attacked the mentioned down side target of 485 (made low 484) now what next ?  Now in case trade below 484 then fall continue to 473-470  and below that 455-450