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NF (4766) - Eventhough last friday it broken the resist of  4810 and made high 4821, still it is resist zone only. so all levels are remain same :

Resistance 4780-4810 and above that 4840-4860 But trade and stays above can move up to 4930-4950 or optimum 5004-5024.
(in this area we have multiple resistance so we should give respect all the levels, no other way)
Down side support remain same 4706-4686and below that 4622-4592
All the above mentioned stocks zoomed  nearly or more than 100 %  with in the last 15 days. But already targets are posted on twitter on 05th Jan. itself. The purpose of  the rise is known secret so no need to explain.


Bombay Dyeing & Mfg Company

BOMDYEING (380) -   Resistance 385-395
But trade and stays above that upside target 434-446.


ICICIBANK (745) - Support 735-725
Above that upside target 792-802
minor resist 760-770

VIP Industries

VIPIND (82.80) - It seems already time being bottomed out at 73.50
Now support 80-77 and trade above 90 shortly go up to 108-113
But in case trade below 73.50 down target 57.50-55