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NF (5310) -  All Levels remain same : Resistance 5360-5380 But trade and stays above that upside target 5612-5632 May be, it may show some resist at the recent high  5403 Down side supportremain same at5240-5220& 5180-5150

Rural Electrification Corporation

RECLTD (202) -  After a long time, posting this stock.  Last post on 20th May 2011 when it was traded at 208. Said that time shortly going to attack in down side 162-152. after this post it went upto 230 but from there it crashed and last month it attacked the mentioned down target of 162-152 (made low 153.60).
From there it already moved up to 200 so Now no need to say it already bottomed out at 162-152 level.
now what it in ?
Hereafter support 195-190 and upside target 230-235
minor resist at 209-212
But above that short term upside target 265-275

Bombay Dyeing & Mfg Company

BOMDYEING (412) - As posted on 31st Oct. Perfectly Hurdled at 440 and come down to the first down target of 420-415 (made low 410).
today Q2 result.
Now resistnace  420-415 and
 trade below 408, already  mentioned second down target 390-385 intact.
in downside last hope and support 377.