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Tata Sponge Iron - Evening Special Update...

TATASPONGE (575) - Posted on 31st March."' now trade and stays above 485-495, upside target 525-535, and above that already mentioned.  Ultimate Upside Target of 600-620 is remain same and intact." As posted, today only,  it crossed the 525-535 level  and  moved up 20 %  , upper locked at  575 also. now,most probably   tomorrow, going to attack the mentioned upside target of 600--620. *** P.N.: This 31st march post link sent to our DTL/MTL Subscribers as Positional Call on that date itself and they may book profit tomorrow.

Canara Bank

CANBK (294) - Posted on 10th April and all posted levels are remain same and intact. Click here to see that post. 

Bank of India

BANKINDIA (244) - Posted on 10th April and all the posted levels are remain same and intact, Click here to see that post.  As on yesterday it made high 245 


AMBUJACEM (200) - Posted on 15th April "Face Hurdle 222-225" but last Friday it made High 221, from there fall started and as on yesterday it made low 199+ Now on going fall support exists at 191-187 .


ADVANTA (193) - Posted on 15th April " Now Support 142-137, Above that upside target  176-180" as posted, on that posted date it self it made exact low 142 and yesterday not only attacked the mentioned upside target of 180 but closed upper freeze at 193. ** so from the posted support of 142 to posted target of 180   that to with in 8 trading session. *** Now what next ?  time being  going to Top out  205--215 But trade and stays above that next round of up mega move going to starts... If it happen, will post the next upside target  Note : today Q4 result.


ACC (1287) - Posted on 01st April " below 1397-1377 can expect correction up to 1290-1270" After this post, it repeatedly made high 1397 (made highest high 1403 on 10th April) and yesterday it attacked the mentioned down side target of 1290-1270 (made low 1277)  ** Now what next ?  Support 1290-1270  But below that down move continue to  1242-1222