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Cummins India

CUMMINS (546) - Going to Top Out 566--586
But trade and stays above that ready for mega up move...
in that case, Ultimate Upside Target  705-725  & 825-845

Bharat Petroleum Corporation

BPCL (444) - Posted on 03rd Mar/ " Resistance 380-385, But trade and stays above that upside target 445-450" as posted it broken the resistance on 05th March and it attacked the mentioned upside target 445-450 on 13th and 14th March (made highest high 458.80).
Now what next ? 
Hurdle 445--465
But trade and stays above that then ready for mega up move 
Above that Ultimate Upside Target  605----645
in between resist at 540-560

Bank of Baroda

.BANKBARODA (656) - Support 655-645
If hold above that next upside target 715-725