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NF (5684) - As posted yesterday attacked the mentioned support.  So from the mentioned resist of 5770  to the mentioned support of 5660.
 what next ? 
Now  support 5640-5620
But trade and stays below that next in down side  5556
and  below that  5470-5450  & Ultimate 5366
Upside resistance 5770-5800 remain same.


INFY (2968) -  Already double topped so Now Resistance 3000-3020
Below that down side target 2910-2890 and below that 2800-2780
But in case trade and stays above the resist then upside target  3190-3210
In between resist at  3080-3110

Jindal Steel & Power

JINDALSTEL (344) - Yesterday mentioned support of 350-345
 but broken yesterday itself.

So Now  it becomes resistance

Below that down side target 335-330

But below that Lat hope and support 320-310

Break and trade below that ready for big down move

that take it down to 165

in between support exists at 275-265

Reliance Industries