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NF (5560)  All levels remain same.
 mentioned down side target of 5556 attacked last Friday (made low 5553) 
so now below that next in down side 5470-5450 and afterwards Ultimate  5366 Now Resistance 5620-5640  & 5710-5730

Tech Mahindra




Mahindra & Mahindra

M&M (838) - Already posted on 27th Feb itself "last hope and support 865-850" after this post it took support at 850 from there it moved up to 930 and  from there fall started and last week it broken the mentioned support of 865-850 also.

and now as posted  850-865 becomes resistance 
and below that already mentioned  down side target of 783-773 remain same 
and mentioned in between support of 825-815 also remain same.



Exide Industries

EXIDEIND (120) - Last hope and support 120-118
But trade and stays below that next in down side 107-105

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

DRREDDY (1911) -  Posted on 02nd April  "Resistance 1825-1845 but above that upside target 1920-1940" as  posted it broke 1845 on 04th April and on 05th April it attacked the mentioned upside target when it made high 1930.
Now what next ? 
Target and resistance of 1920-1940 remain same and  even above that also 
Face Strong hurdle at 1960-1980
But in case trade and stays above that 
then short term upside target 2220-2240