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SIEMENS  (1171) - Posted on 27th Jan as " support exists at 1010-990 above that up move continue only... Target and Hurdle 1140---1250 But  above the ready for big up move ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 2050-2150" After this post,   It made,mentioned, lowest low 990 on 30th Jan., from there, it is moving up, as on yesterday it made high 1184. so now all mentioned levels are remain same and intact. *** once again repeat the previous post note :        It is a kind of  Nascent stock

Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA  (422) - Posted on 10th Dec as " Last hope and support 540--520 But trade and stays below that next ULTIMATE DOWN SIDE TARGET 415-405" *** As posted, it broken the mentioned support on 15th Dec. 2014 and it attacked the mentioned down side target of 415-400 on 10th Feb 2015 (made lowest low 400). Now support 415-405 above that upside target 454--474

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services

M&MFIN  (253) - Posted on 21st Jan as " support 275-270 But trade and stays below that  next downside target   252---246" as posted on the posted date itself it broken the support and attacked the mentioned down side target on 29th Jan itself (made low 244.30)  *** Now what next ?  Support 252-246 Above that upside target 274--284