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Silver - Reminder

SILVER  - When posting this, now silver trading at $33.02 after making low of $ 32.30 As posted on 07th May It already bounce backed from $ 33.53 to $39.47 and from there, now, once again testing the mentioned support level. As posted earlier, 2consecutive Close below $ 32 only next down fall. so now all levels are intact. Support $ 32_34 and Resistance $ 40-42
NF (5550) - This is fourth day repeat the same levels
Once again levels are remain same.
Hurdle 5575-5595  but above that 5640-5660 and afterwards ultimate 5740-5760
In Downside support remain same at 5474-5734.

Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

ORCHIDCHEM (317)  -  Face strong hurdle 320-325 But above that upmove to 338-342  and 357

United Breweries

UBL (595) - Posted on 04th Jan itself. "above 520 upside target 582-585" 05th may only it broken 520 and yesterday it attacked the target and even made high of 604 also. now what next ? If stays above  580-585, in this round, going to attack in upside 727 but  timebeing top out 635-655 and hereafter support 585-580 Good support exists at 520-500

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (918)  - As posted on 04th May below 890 it came down exactly to the first support 855 and from there, it bounce backed and yesterday it attacked the mentioned hurdle of 920. now what next ? as said in the previous post, hurdle remain same at  920 but trade and stays above 920, upmove to 955-965

Maruti Suzuki India

MARUTI (1223) -  Below 1245-1225 come down to 1125-1115 in between support 1175

ARSS Infrastructure Projects

ARSSINFRA (470) - As posted on 28th Mar. one more close below 490 down move only down target 340 in  between support 425