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NF (4787) - All levels remain same :
Hurdle 4800-4820
Below that down target 4730-4710 or even upto 4688
But trade and close below that big down move going to starts...
Above 4800-4820 next resist exists at 4900-4920 and 4990-5010

Bata India


BGR Energy Systems

BGRENERGY (257) -  Below post was posted on 29th July "Last hope and support 400 Trade and stays below this level, extreme weak. so 2conseuctive close below this level, big crack going to happen even up to 265 & 215"
After this post, 2consecutive close below 400 happened on 01st Aug 2011 and from there fall started and yesterday it attacked the down target of 265 and even closed below that also.
and now trade below 255 next target 215 intact
In down side last hope exists at 205-195


ICICIBANK (732) - Already posted on 04th Oct itself. "Last hope 830-810 but below that going to attack in downside 710-700
now the mentioned down target is nearing.
after that what next ?
last hope 690 but below that fall continue to 580-565

Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (402) - Below 406-396 down target 330 &  303
and afterwards ultimate down target 274

Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS (162) - As posted on 15th Nov "below 185 expected down target of 167-164 reached yesterday and even closed below that also.
now what next ?
Below 164-167 down move continue to 144-140

Aban Offshore