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NF (5724) - All levels remain same : 
Upside target and Resistance 5743-5763  (on 18th oct made high 5744) Down side target and Support 5654-5634 (on 16th Oct made low 5637) *** Above or below only next move either up or down, other wise this is the range. 
Below the support, next in down side 5460-5440
in between support 5503
Above the Resistance, Next in up side 5851-5861  

Goenka Diamond and Jewels


Above is the Monthly chart, Click the above chart for zoom
GOENKA (281) - In 10 months, it zoomed 10 times.
 Don't think it happened  any where else but it happened in India in NSE
 (made low  28.50 on 22nd December 2011 and yesterday(22nd October 2012)  made high 283.40)
Is it come under Manipulation or Operation ? 

and if so 
Who Is  Manipulating ? Or Who Is Operating  ??

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (699) - Yesterday low formed and supported at 680.50 and
now trade above 700 go up to once again 724-729
but trade above that next target 777


CESC (339) - Resistance 340-345
But trade and stays above that upside target 370-375

Canara Bank

CANBK (450) - Now Support 445-440
If it hold above that then the up side target 500-505