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Sarda Energy & Minerals Limited

"Identify the perfect bottom, then the next phase made easy" SARDAEN (204.40)  Identified in April itself,  the bottom was around 100  and   once again it gave opportunity in May also. and today it traded above 200 Doubled but it took almost 5 months. The game is not over. ***

25 Powerful Market Lessons From Jesse Livermore

Born in 1877, Jesse Livermore is possibly the most famous trader in history. He started trading at the age of 14 from bucket shops. His tape reading skill was so good that these bucket shops eventually didn’t want to do business with him. At his peak in 1929, he was worth $100 million. Ultimately, he lost his entire fortune when he broke his trading rules. The same trading rules which made him millions, caused him to lose everything, when he lost control of himself. Still, there are valuable lessons to be learnt from Jesse Livermore’s trading experience. Jesse Livermore’s 25 Trading Lessons 1. Watch the market leaders, the stocks that have led the charge upward in a bull market. That is where the action is and where the money is to be made. As the leaders go, so goes the entire market. If you cannot make money in the leaders, you are not going to make money in the stock market. Watching the leaders keeps your universe of stocks limited, focused, and more easily