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Havells India

HAVELLS (1056) - Posted on 03rd March " support 770-750 Above that upside target 817-847 then next upside target 970-1000 & even 1048" ** After this post , on 04th March it came down to 761.10  and yesterday it made high 1069.45  That is 40% move within three months time frame. ** Now closed above the mentioned highest target of 1048  what next ?  In case, if it hold above 1048 up move continue to  1182-1202 But below 1048 , downside correction target 1000-988 & 921-901


DLF (219.50) - On 21st May . remind the post dated 10th March " Face hurdle 176-186 But above that next upside target 220-230" as posted it broken the mentioned hurdle on 21st May and attacked the mentioned upside target on 26th May, (made high 224.80) from there corrected up to 195 and  yesterday once again made high 221.60. ** Now what next ?  Target and resist of 220-230 remain same  But above that next upside target 251--259 and in this round face last hurdle at 283--293 But above that ready for big up move, If it happen, will post the upside target. ** and here after, any correction,   down side support exists at 186-176  (that  is, as usual,  previous resist become support now)