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Asian Paints

ASIAN PAINT (543) -  Resistance 552-562
But above next upside target  584-594
and afterwards Ultimate Upside Target 664-684


AMBUJACEM (217) - Posted on 20th Mar. "Support 185-180,  above that next upside target 215-220"
As posted exactly, it took support at 185-180 level (made lowest low 181.60 on 21st Mar) and from there , it is moving up and last Friday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 215-220 (made high 217.80).

Now what next ? 
Face Hurdle 222-225
But trade and stays above that  next round of up move going to happen

for this Ultimate Upside Target 298-302

with in between resist at 247-252 & 278-282

Amara Raja Batteries


AMARAJABAT (405) - Posted on 12th Feb. "trade above 365-375, another round of up move going to happen , if it so, next upside target 445-455."
After this post it moved up to 407 and from there corrected but repeatedly took support at 365 level and now once again moving up, as on yesterday it made high 417.
Now, as posted already ,  Upside target 455-455 remain same and intact. 


ADVANTA (148) - Now Support 142-137
Above that upside target  176-180
in between resist at 157-160

ABG Shipyard

ABGSHIP (238) - Last Hope and Support 229-224
But trade and stays  below that  next down side target 181-176

Hexaware Technologies



RAYMOND (321) - Posted on 26th Dec. "upside target 322-332, But above that mega break out going to happen  Ultimate upside target 470--490" 

After Almost Four months,  Last Friday, it attacked the upside target of 322-332  (made high 324.90)

and now as posted,
Now Resistance 322-332

But above that  this round Ultimate Upside Target 470-490

The State Trading Corporation of India

STCINDIA (206) -  Support 201-196
Upside Resistance 216-221
But above that next upside target  245-256

United Phosphorus


Tech Mahindra

TECHM (1739) - Posted on 10th Mar. "Support 1830-1810, But below that down  move  continue to 1730-1700"
** as posted it attacked the mentioned down side target on 10th April itself, when it exactly made low 1700  and   on last Friday(11th April) it made lowest low 1676 and from there bounce backed  to 1749.90 and closed at 1739 also.

Now what next ? 

as such, time being, it find the bottom .
so the support will be 1700-1675
above that next upside target 1810-1830
But below the support, next down side target 1615-1590
and afterwards Ultimate down side target 1470-1450