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A shorter settlement cycle will make Indian stock markets even better than the rest

India is prepared to move to the T+1 settlement cycle as the country’s banks now offer online settlement for funds. It will substantially improve liquidity and remove the need for transactions like “Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow” The stock market in India is one of the best in the world. This may come as a surprise to many. The reasons are obvious. India has rarely contributed to financial innovations in recent times. Also traditionally India has been one of the late starters in stock market and stock market continued to follow primitive practices till the time two major changes happened, which are: 1) starting of screen-based trading , and 2) dematerialization of securities. We have often been accused of aping practices of the US and European securities market. Whatever be the fact, today India seems to have left behind some of the advanced economies in managing settlement cycle. If you do not believe it, you just need to look at the table below: Source: CISI, L
NF (5722) - All Levels Remain Same :  Down side support 5730-5700    (Day before yesterday low 5694 and yesterday made low 5697)   But below that next in down side  5 620-5590     Upside Resistance and Target 5820-5840 (Already made high 5842 on 04th Oct) But above that next in upside 5930-5960

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (723) - One of the Best Continuous Performing Stock for the Past 10 Years. Posted on 31st Aug. "Support 670-665 above that upside target 724-729" as posted yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target exactly (made high 728.50) Now what next ?  May be time being top going to form at 740-750 and expect correction