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Why Being Smart Does Not Guarantee Investing Success

In Singapore, we’re constantly being judged on our cranial capacity in schools starting from a young age. Parents of primary school children and most working adults (that’s me!) would be very familiar with the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), which aims to “develop intellectual rigour, humane values and creativity” in intellectually-gifted children.
Intelligence is important and nurturing it is vital. But being intelligent in certain areas does not necessarily translate into investing or money-smarts.
I think most would agree that MENSA members would probably be amongst the smartest group of people around, given that they’re a group comprised of individuals with IQs belonging to the top 2% of the population. And if intelligence would equate to investing success, then these group of individuals would stand the highest chance of delivering stellar returns over time.
But, did you know that the investment club of MENSA members in the USA only managed a meagre return of 2.5% per ye…
NF (6165) - All levels remain same :

Trend decider   6170-6200    Trade and stays above that next in upside 6320-6350

But Below the support next in down side 6120-6090 and  afterwards  6000-5970

Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (425) - It seems yesterday topped out at 437
so now the resist is 432-442  In case if it trade and hold above that only next up move otherwise take it down to 412-408  and 395-390

Mcleod Russel India

MCLEODRUSS (322) - Trade and stays above 324-320 upside target 346-350