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GAIL (India)

GAIL  (424) - It seems double bottomed out at  420 
So take this as support and if not break this support  then the upside targets are 
442-447,  462--474
and above that ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 520--540

Coal India

COALINDIA  (359) - Support 358-352
Above that upside target  390-396
with in between resist at 372-376


CESC  (681) - Posted on 01st July and said  below 725-700 next down side support exists at  630--605 

As posted it took support at the mentioned level on 14th July (made intra day low 603.80) and once again on 28th July (made intra day low 601) and never closed below 605, from there, moving up and as on yesterday it made high 690.
Now what next ? 
Above 670-660
Upside target 735-755 
and trade above 785-795  next in upside 855-875 & 970-990

and already mentioned 01st July post itself 
 ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET OF 1250-1275  remain same.