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NF (5251) - Levels remain same (posting this levels from 31st July onwards) :
Support 5180-5150 ( it took support at 5168 on 31st july ) Upside target and resistance 5255-5285 (it resisted at 5267 on 02nd aug)

The Federal Bank

FEDERALBNK (412) -  Resistance 418-423
But trade and stays above that upside target 448-453

Cummins India

CUMMINS (467) - Support 465-460  and trade above 480 next in upside 500-510

Castrol India

CASTRAOL (587) -  Hurdle 590-610
But trade and stays above that short term upside target 790-810
in between resistance 665-675

Axis Bank


Aban Offshore

ABAN (388)  - Posted on 27th July "Support 355-345 expect pull back" as posted it pull backed and yesterday made high 396.
It seems pull back over and  now down side target 355-345
in case if it trade and stays above 397 then only next upmove that take it to  420-430