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NF (6289) - This month Trading range 
Upper side capped at 6350-6400
Down side capped at 6150-6100
If it trade and stays above / below only, think about next level. Otherwise this is the range.

Tata Elxsi


Reliance Communications

RCOM (112) - Any pull back face resist at 116-118 & 122-124
If it so then, down side target 103-101  & 96-94

Idea Cellular

IDEA (129) - Any pull back, Face resist at 134-136
and last hope and support 125-122
But below that down side target  115-112 & 106-104

Bharat Petroleum Corporation

BPCL (378) - Resistance 380-385
But trade and stays above that upside target 445-450
in between resist at 414-419

Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (254) - Now Support 245-240
Above that upside target  285-290
in between resist at 275-277

Hexaware Technologies

HEXAWARE (160) - Hereafter any correction, down side support 145-140
and now trade and stays above 165-170
next upside target 189--196  &  208-212


ACC (1105) - Posted on 07th Feb. "now once again support 1015-995, above that upside target 1085-1105" 
as posted it took support at the mentioned level, not one day but five days, (from 14th Feb. to 21st Feb. and made lowest low 1002) and Last Friday it attacked the mentioned upside target,when it made high 1110.
now what next ? 
support 1079-1069
if hold above then up move continue to 1165-1185

HCL Technologies

HCLTECH (1575) - Time being top out 1590-1610
If it so, minimum correction in down side  1480-1460
But if it trade and stays above 1590-1610, up move continue to 1745-1765


CESC (484) -  Already posted on 01st Jan 2014 itself  about its mega up move and its Upside target also. click here to see that post. 

In the last three days it moved from 442 to 486 
so now any correction , immediate support exists at 470-465
and  immediate upside target 520,  But 
 Ultimate upside target 700-725
in between resist at 570-580  & 630-650


AstraZeneca Pharma India

ASTRAZEN (927) - Now Support 925-900
Above that upside target 1100-1125

Havells India

HAVELLS (768) - Now support 770-750
Above that upside target 817-847
then next upside target 970-1000 & even 1048
with in between resist at 920-930
But in case trade and stays below 770-750,
 then next in down side 660-640
with in between support at 720-710


WIPRO (597) - Posted on 10th Jan "Support 537-531 above that upside target 589-592 & 607"
On the posted date itself, exactly it took support at 531 and on Last Wednesday, it attacked the mentioned upside target of 607 (made high 611 on 26th Feb)
now what next ? 

Support 587-581
Above that upside target 630-636

End note : Positional Ultimate Upside target of 690-710, posted on 14th Aug. still due.

Tech Mahindra

TECHM (1867) - Already posted on 06th Feb. and the posted levels are remain same and intact and just repeat the same post here once again. 

Face resistance at 1890-1910
But in case trade and stays above that next upside target  2110-2130
in between resist at 1995-2025

Alembic Pharmaceuticals


Sun TV Network


Motherson Sumi Systems

MOTHERSUMI (232) - Now Support 232-228
Above that upside target  260-265
in between resist at 247-249

Mahindra Ugine Steel Company

MAHINDUGIN (185) - Break out with high volume 
So Two more close above 185 warranted for a big up move
If the above condition met, then
 Support 185---170
Above that Ultimate Upside Target  340-350
Alert : Low Volume Stock 

Aurobindo Pharma

AUROPHARMA (524)  - Last up date regarding this stock was on 31st Jan . evening special update. and said, "Above 480-470 next upside target 524-544" 
As posted , it moved up and made high 539.85 on 07th Feb  (so resisted at the mentioned level of 524-544) 
and from there, it  corrected up to 476 on 11th Feb.  ( it took support at the mentioned support level  of 480-470)
and from there it moved up and  as on Last Friday,  once again, resisted at the mentioned level of 524-544, when it made high 539.70.
Now what next ? 
already mentioned   Support 480-470  remain same
and now Resistance 535-550
But trade and stays above that ,
 next upside target 603-623