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NIFTY - What's Next ?

NIFTY (5691) - Posted on 18th Aug. About NIFTY 's Make or Break Status and told the important s of  the number 5400, as posted first attempt of above 5400 made on 21st Aug but it failed and again attempt to close above 5400 made on 12th Sep. and this time with in 6 trading sessions it attacked the mentioned upside target of 5700+ (today it made high 5720).
 What Next ? 

If next week also hold and close above 5630  Then the path is open to see the New High !
So Hereafter immediate support exists at 5630-5580 
and Below that Already mentioned Make or Break Number of   5450-5400 will be the Strong Support.
Unless And Until the Number 5400 Hold
 then the Short Term Up Side Target 6489_6640

If the above mentioned condition hold, It may happen with in 3 to 6 Months duration

NF (5560) - All Levels remain same : Upside Target and Resistance 5688-5710

Down Side Support 5480-5460



Canara Bank


Aban Offshore

ABAN (417) - As reminded on 06th Sep it repeatably face hurdle at 430-435 and never closed above that

Now what next ? 
Trade and stays below 410 down side target 376-372