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Understand the price behaviour

 ENERGYDEV & SHILPI On 10th Feb, When I saw the price behaviour of  SHILPI, it reminded me the similar pattern of ENERGYDEV price behaviour, which was panned out in Sep-Nov 2016.  so I expected on that date itself, the same kind of fall will be going to happen in  SHILPI  also, sooner or later.  in fact, I sent an SMS to one of my people on that date.                                        (purposely erased name and mobile no.)  After 2 to 3  months later,  now it is happening.  Apart from everything, we must monitor the price and its behaviours to understand the forthcoming move.  If we observe deeply, we can identify Mostly, before a big move, either up or down, some signal will come in the price behaviour. .*** If not able to identify and in case, got trapped in this kind of stocks,  not only  lose/block money  but lose the other good opportunities also  ***   In fact, last year, these were the