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The Power Break

(name and price purposely erased)  **** Rs.10 Paid up || Low equity || zero debt || || consistently profit making & dividend paying company || || current price is double the book value ||  || TTM EPS  more than 6 times of the paid up value || *** Ought to triple, from the current price.  Let us see. 

WEALTH CREATED then WEALTH DESTRUCTED and now once again....

ITDC (469) -  Between 2012-2013 Artificially wealth created and in the same way wealth destructed. From  Jan 2014 onwards, it is in the reality mode.  from 2013 high, it came down to 97% and  now from 2014 low it moved up to 700 %  (as of now) All these things happened within 5 years.  *** How much can move from here?