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Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation

BBTC (401) -   Posted on 28th July, when it was trading at 165,  as " Support 155-150  and trade and stays above 165-170 Next upside target and  Hurdle   195-200 &  210-220 But above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 390-410 " As on Last Friday it was Upper Freeze at 401.25 so mentioned target range already attacked. ** Below is the chart to know its  performance (click the chart to get the zoom view) 


TITAN  (367) - Posted on 7th Nov., and posted as " support exists at 365-355 upside target and resistance of 420-430" As posted, in the last two trading session, it took support at 365-355  (made lowest low 353.50 on 20th Nov.) So now mentioned support of 365-355  remain same and intact  ** But in case trade and stays  below that  Next down side target 320--300

Titagarh Wagons

TWL  (331) - Hurdle 338--348 But trade and stays above that  Upside Target 482--492 and above that 593--613

Vadilal Industries

VADILALALIND  (290) - Hurdle 306--326 But trade and stays above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 500--520 *** ALERT : Low Volume Stock