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NF (5585) - Once again repeat the same All levels remain same and intact :  Last Friday (16/11/12)  Posted Resistance 5664-5684
 and for this down side target 5545-5515
As posted exactly it resisted and made high 5664
and from there it crashed till yesterday up to 5555 and almost attacked the  target
Now target and support 5545-5525 remains same or optimum 5500
But trade and stays below that next in down side 5410-5380 

State Bank of India

SBIN (2066) - From last seven trading session it fallen more than Rs.200/- 
Now last hope and support 2050-2030
If not take support here and  trade and stays below that,

 then fall continue to 1855-1845.
in between support 1975-1955

Gitanjali Gems

GITANJALI (446) -  Already break out happened on 15th Nov. itself
so  Hereafter support exists at 420-405

Above that upside target  475-495

and in case trade and stays above that, then ready for big up move

 immediate first upside target   540-550

if happen, then, Will post the ultimate upside target latter

Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (222) - Posted on 16th Nov. "Face Resistance 237-241" as posted exactly resisted at 241 on 16th nov itself. and till yesterday it made low 218.
Already posted support of 212-208 remain same 
But in case trade and stays below that then fall continue and  next in down side 195-191  and afterwards ultimate 175-171

Zee Entertainment Enterprises

ZEEL (187.55) - Last hope and support 186-184
But trade and stays below that down side target 172-168