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NIFTY - Inverted Head & Shoulder is making...

NIFTY (7750)   Posted on 03rd June 2015 and said  "Down side support  8000-7950
trade and stays below that 

the said Target of  6950-6800 met not one time but two times in Feb 2016 and after that 1166 points rally happened and time being topped out at 7992  in April 2016 ( that was the previous support 8000-7950, now it became resistance)  and  now correction is going on 
Now what next ? 
See the below chart with our marking

Inverted Head & Shoulder is making....
Already full neckline formed around  8000
Right Shoulder completed  around 7500
Head completed around 6800 
Now once it comes around 7600--7500 then the Left shoulder going to be complete
after that, can expect , going to retest the neckline of around 8000
after making small correction of 100 to 200 points 
Breakout going to happen above  8000 decisively
then the real cream of 1000-1200 point rally going to happen 
target of 9000--9200.

All these process going to happen another 6  to 12…