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Bharat Heavy Electricals

BHEL  (285) -  The following is the mega macro view of this stock. Time only can judge about my opinion. *** Hereafter Permanent  SUPPORT 220 Above that  UTMOST ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 1050-1100 in between  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 580--600 (In this post, consider only about the macro target, in between so many micro support and resistance  will be there, that will be post , then and there, whenever required) so, the risk is less than 25 % and rewards is more than 250%  from the current price. Duration :  On or before year 2018   (Most of the time, my time judgement is not so perfect  any way, in this stock, this is the duration) *** Understand Note : Investing follows the Law of the Farm: You cannot sow something today and reap  tomorrow . A seed takes time and has to go through various seasons before it turns into a fully grown tree. So is the case with investing. There are no short cuts.

CEAT Limited

CEAT  (778)  - now Support 775-755 above that  Upside Target 885-905 in between resist at  815-825