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NF (5150) - So now below 5150 down target 5088-5076
and below that 5040-5010
upside resistance 5220-5240 &  5350-5380

Jindal Steel & Power

JINDALSTEL (545)  -  Support 545-535
But below that down target 493-483

Shriram Transport Finance Company

STRTRANSFIN (554) -  Below is the 26th Sep post just repeat once more.

Several times posted here support 590-570
so once again this is the support and worst case it may come down to 555-545
but trade and close below that going to attack in downside  415-405
now in between minor support 495-485

Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS (178) -  Resistnace 185-188
in downside marching towards  167-164

Titan Industries

TITAN (210) -  Posted on 04th nov. "Support 214-210 and upside target 235-240" whereas it went upto 224 and from there falling down and yesterday broke the support level also.
now Resistance 210-214 bleow that  down target and last hope & support 190-185
in between minor support at 200

VIP Industries

VIPIND (131) -  Yesterday posted here going to bottom out 144-140 whereas it broken 140 and came down to 129.40 also.
so hereafter hurdle at 140-144
down and bottom target 118-113

Financial Technologies (India)

FINANTECH (673) - Already two consecutive close below 690 happened in the last two days.
It,itself, shows its weakness
so now  Last hope and Support 665-655
Trade and stays below that ultimate short term down target 380
in between support 612-602 & 420