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Finolex Cables

FINCABLES  (273) - Posted on 10th Nov. as "mentioned target of 250-260 remain same, and above that up move may extend to 295-300 also"

After this post, so for, it made high 283+ ,that to, in two times (first on 26th Nov.14 and second one was on yesterday) **
now what is in ?
So mentioned target remain same at 295-300
But in case trade above that 
upside target further extended  to 340--350


EMAMILTD (856) - Above 830--810
Upside target 940--960

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

DRREDDY  (3223) - Regarding this stock, last post was posted on 01st Sept. 2014 and said as "Resistance 2910-2950 remain same  
But in case trade and stays above that 

As posted, it attacked the mentioned ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET of 3610-3650 on 01st Dec 2014 (made high 3666 and closed at 3628) , not only that , from there, fall started and as on 07th Jan it made low 3010 and now hovering around 3200+.


Now what next ? 

It seems correction ended at 3000 

and now trade above 3255-3275


DLF  (133) - Hope and support 132-128
But below that
 down side target 120-118  &  112-108

Bharat Forge

BHARATFORG  (985) -  Resistance 1015-1035
Above that next 
upside target 1150---1190

Note .: Last year,  this is one of our favorite stock and still the favorite continue...

Asian Paints

ASIANPAINT (833) -  Support 810-790
above that upside target 895-915

Note : Some stocks are called ASSET class, this stock is one among them.

Aries Agro

ARIES   (136) -  Support 134-131
Above that face  resist at 143-146
But above that 
next upside target 175--180

Aditya Birla Nuvo

ABIRLANUVO (1726)  Posted on 15th Dec. as "Below 1690-1710
Down side target 1590-1570"

As posted it attacked the mentioned down side target on 17th Dec. (made low 1550 and closed at 1600), from there, it moved up, as on yesterday it made high 1743.

what next ? 

Now support 1710-1680

Above that 

Upside target  1820-1840  & 1910-1930

But above that then ready for next big up move  if it happen,will post the next upper target.


ACC (1441) - Reminder post was posted on 17th Dec and said as "Hope and support 1355-1305"

As posted, it took support at the mentioned level ,made low 1336 on 07th Jan and as on yesterday it made high 1457 

Now what next ? 
Mentioned support remain same
above that 
Upside target 1514--1544