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NF (5329) - This is 6th day repeating the same levels. nothing change :
 Target 5375-5405 Downside support 5222 & 5185-5155

Kotak Mahindra Bank

KOTAKBANK (603) - See post dated 21st May. As posted already it crossed the mentioned upside target and now holding above that for the past 5 days.
what next ?
Now support exists at 590-580
Above that can move and face hurdle at 616-626
But in case trade and stays above that next upside target 660-680 
and ultimate target 710-730

Indian Oil Corporation

IOC (270) - Above 268-270 ,  Upside target  284-286

BF Utilities

BFUTILITIE (464) - See post dated 4th June and 11th June "as posted it moved from the mentioned support level of 360-350 (made low 354 on 04th June) and from there it moved up and last friday it attacked the mentioned target of 455-465 (made high 467).
Now hurdle 465-475
But in case trade and stays above that then ready for next round of up move .
for that upside target 565-575
in between resist at 510-520

Aban Offshore

ABAN (415) - Recent upside movement almost over..
so now Resistance 425-430
in case  if trade above that  optimum up side target 448-458
Below the ressistance,  expect correction 385-375

Aanjaneya Lifecare

AANJANEYA (501) - Resistance  510-515
But trade and stays above that Upside target 555-565