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NF (5074) - So last friday exactly moved as per the posted levels. that is made high 5181 and made low 5052.
Now no change in the levels and All levels remain same :
Hurdle 5180-5210 But above that, go up to 5290_5340
In between  support exists at 5070-5050
Last Support 5010_4960
 But below that , come down 4730 & 4604

Tata Power Company

TATAPOWER (1086) - Posted on 25th July "Hurdle remain same at 1324-1334" as posted it repeatly hurdled the above mentioned level. and from there already it crashed down to 1076. now what next ? On going fall going to arrest at 1032-1002 if not, then next level in down side 911

Hero MotoCorp

HEROMOTOCO (1890) - Support 1890-1880 above that upmove to 2000-2020 in between resist at 1950

Gitanjali Gems

GITANJALI (311) - As posted on 31st May already one round of trading over. Now above 310 once again upmove to 325-330 Down side support remain same at 290

Bata India

BATAINDIA (698) - As  Posted on 01st aug. it attacked the upside target of 695 now what next ? above 695 upmove continue to 713_731

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (1209) - Last hope and Support 1150
But below that down target 840_800  & 690
in between support exists at 1040-1020