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METAL RALLY - We are entering third year from the bottom-most.

When we identified any sector/any stock at its bottommost at the right time & at the right placement, from then onwards, if it moved in our expected direction, not only, it gave the best return with low risk but immense satisfaction.

Identified the Metal sector bottom,  in Jan 2016 itself was one among them. 

On 26th Jan 2016, I sent an email to one of my guys,  about the metal sector bottom out stage. As expected, it bottomed out in Feb. 2016  and from their, the uptrend started and now we are entering the third year

Below is the email content image, dated 26th Jan 2016. (for privacy purpose, blocked the email address)

NSE METAL INDEX performance  in the last 2 years 

Worst stock in  the NSE METAL INDEX  gave the best return 

At par stock in the NSE METAL INDEX  gave the average return

Best in the NSE METAL INDEX gave the second best return 

These three stocks gave 200% average absolute return in the last 2 years that means annualised return of 100% 

From the emailed date of…