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NF (4748) - Now Hurdle 4780-4800
Below that down target  4630-4600 in between intra-day support 4665
But trade and stays above 4800 may move upto 4945-4965

Tata Power Company

TATAPOWER (1013) - Already posted on 16th Aug. itself. It is only a reminder. On going fall going to arrest at 1032-1002 if not, then next level in down side 911 Info : Last friday it made a low 1006.

Sesa Goa

SESAGOA (204) - Hereafter Hurdle 210_230 Below that down target 150_140

Reliance Industries

RELIANCE (719) - Already posted on 09th Aug. itself. it is only a reminder.
Below 810 down target 575-565 in between support 710-690 Info : Last friday it made a low 712.

Reliance Capital

RELCAPITAL (344) - Already posted on 18th Aug. itself. it is only  a reminder.

Support zone 400-380 but below that ultimate target in down side144-140 in between support exists at 280-270
Info : Last friday it made a low 340.

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (609) - Several times repeated here last hope and support 650-640 But below that down target 487-477 in between support 575 & 530

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

DRREDDY (1451) - Hurdle 1465-1480 Below that going to attack in downside 1270_1220

Coal India

COALINDIA (359) - Stays Below 360 going to attack in downside 300-295

Bata India

BATAINDIA (709) - Topped out at 741 and fall strarted ? last two times signal failed but this time important is ,  third time.

Bank of India

BANKINDIA (298) - Posted on 19th Aug. itself. just reminder only.
310-300 is support and hope But trade and stays below that  another round of fall going to start that take it down to 228-224


ADVANTA (315) - As posted on 26th July short term target 730 intact. now trade above 350-352 next attack in upside 400