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Whether this is inside operation of the BIG BOYS, using the media, exploiting the emotions? Everybody knew that third week of June 2016 one big event verdict going to come That was ENGALND IN&OUT. The financial world big boys exploit & capitalize the event for short term profit. In EU the big three markets are  German DAX,  UK – FTSE &  France CAC. Out of it, high beta market is DAX. So, being a big and high beta, take it and study the movement of the DAX in the event month of JUNE 2016. First week of June gave selling so market down by 1000 points,  Reason: expecting and broadcasting, ENGLAND going to be OUT, and Middle of the second week, covered all shorts so market recovered all the 1000 points,  which was lost in the previous week. Reason: expecting and broadcasting ENGLAND going to be IN. Now in the third week, verdict out.  The result is ENGLAND OUT. This time, market tanked more than 1000 point