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NF (4865) - Hurdle  4925-4955
Support  4810-4790  and ultimate 4630-4600
The complete levels are :
5070-5050  <<  4955-4925  > 4810-4790 >> 4720- 4690 >>  4630- 4600

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For the last few months i received so many request mails regarding micro blogging in twitter particularly during trading hours apart from this website updates. I am hesitating to tweet  due to time constraints but repeated requests changed my mind so i planning to tweet whenever time permits during trading hours.

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Larsen & Toubro

LT (1451) - As posted on 15th Sep Below 1610-1590 last hope and support 1480-1460. Last friday it came down to the target and closed below that also.
now what next ?
Hurdle 1460-1480 & 1570-1590
Below that ultimate down side target for this round 1070-1050
in between rest at 1390-1370

Mahindra & Mahindra

M&M (775) -   Trade below 765 take it down to 715-710

Maruti Suzuki India

MARUTI (1090) - If see the previous posts of maruti, no  need to explain expect the following range.
Support 1040-1050  and Resistance 1150-1175

Opto Circuits (India)


Oriental Bank of Commerce

ORIENTBANK (280) - See posted dated 09th Aug. it is only a reminder.
now trade below 275-270 take it down to 245-240
and afterwards come down to the already mentioned ultimate down target of 202-198

Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTRANSFIN (603) - As posted on 05th Sep it hurdled at 690-700 (made high 708) and from there came down to 597. what next ?
Several times posted here support 590-570
so once again this is the support and worst case it may come down to 555-545
but trade and close below that going to attack in downside  415-405