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Apple Is Now History's Richest Company - Is It Going To Be A Trillion-Dollar Company ?

Apple Inc. surpassed Microsoft Corp. Monday as the largest U.S. company ever, measured by stock-market value. 

  Apple hit the new milestone -- $623.52 billion -- at a time when its influence on the economy, on the stock market and on popular culture rivals that of some of the most powerful companies in U.S. history: General Motors Co., whose Corvette and Impala typified a confident postwar manufacturing giant; Microsoft, whose technology heralded the arrival of the personal computer and the early Internet age; and International Business Machines Corp., whose buttoned-down rigor inspired rivals to reach for greatness. 

  "It is one of those iconic companies," says Richard Sylla, professor of financial history at New York University's Stern School of Business. "When I think about these companies, their products were used by all kinds of people and their leaders were considered geniuses." 

  Apple's stock-market valuation at Monday's close of business was gr…
NF (5383) - All levels remain same : 
Support 5390-5360 (even though last Friday it made low 5352)
Above that short term upside target 5630-5660
in between resist at 5525-5545
But trade and stays below the support, then downside target 5285-5255

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure

RIIL (426) - Trade and stays below 420 take it down to 388-378

Shriram Transport Finance Company


Strides Arcolab

STAR (818) - Hereafter support exists at 790-770
Above this, marching towards 844-855
and afterwards,  this round Ultimate upside target 905-925

Tata Consultancy Services