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NIFTY for the month of MAY 2009

NIFTY - Resistance 3750 and 3900 Support 3350 and 3200


NIFTY - This month resistance 3500 ( refer opinion dated 03 Apr.09). Now, If it trade above 3500 comfortably then may expect 3650-3700 this month itself.


NIFTY - At last now we know the base for this downtrend which was started on Jan.2008. hereafter we may see one rally. ( before that, correction may or may not come even upto 3000+ or 2900+) which may going to fizzled out in between 3650+ minimum or 4100+ optimum. (Note : The above opinion is based on price movement. In future, if any thing happen worst for the economy or country, my opinion may change.)

NIFTY for the month of APRIL 2009

NIFTY - UPSIDE 3300 and 3500 DOWNSIDE 2900 and 2700