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Alstom India Limited


Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (417) - Posted on 10th April "  trade and stays below 468-446  down side support  400-390" * After this post, repeatedly  resisted at 446-468 level and last Wednesday it attacked the mentioned down side support of 400-390 (made low 396) ** So now support 400-390 and resistance 446-468 *** But trade and stays below the support  next down side target 355-345 But trade and stays above the resistance   next upside target 540-560 and afterwards 660---720 ****


ABB (844) - Already posted on 28th Feb itself. now once again repeat  Resistance 845--875 But above that next upside target 945--975 ** In case trade and stays above 945--975 next mega break out going to happen. If it so, will post the mega upside target.