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NF (6249) - Already posted levels are remain same and no change in it. that is ..
Above 6240-6210 next in upside 6370-6400
but below that down side target 6140-6120

Vadilal Industries

VADILALIND (163) - If hold above 158-154
Upside target 199-203
ALERT : Low Volume Stock 

Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTRANSFIN (631) - Posted on 13th Nov. "last hope and support 550-540" as posted it repeatedly took support 550 on 13th and 14th Nov (low 551) from there it is moving up and up to yesterday it made high 636.

now what next ? 
Target and resistance 645-655
But in case trade and stays above that next upside target 755-765
in between resist at 700-710

KPIT Cummins Infosystems


KPIT (165) - Posted on 05th Dec. "Support 145-140, Above that upside target 172-175, and afterward Ultimate Upside Target 192-195"
After this post, not one day but three days, it took support at 145 that is on 05th , 06th and 09th Dec. and till yesterday it made high 168.80 
so all mentioned levels are remain and intact. 

Jubilant Foodworks

JUBLFOOD (1299) - Now support 1295-1285
 if hold above,  it can flare up to 1400-1450  (even today itself)

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (943) -Posted on 28th Nov. "above 880-910 next resist at 940-955" as posted it made high 954 exactly on 10th Dec., from there corrected up to 901 and yesterday once again moved up and made high 947+

what next ?
Now once again resist at 955 
but trade above 955 then 955-940  become support
and for this immediate upside target 1007

Divi's Laboratories



BIOCON (437) - See post dated 11th Dec., as posted only only mentioned  target of 427-437 attacked  but go beyond and made high 451 also..
now what next ? 
support 437-427  and resistance 450-455 but above that 470--480
In case trade and stays above 470-480 then ready for a mega up move 
if it happen, will post mega target.

Alembic Pharmaceuticals

APLLTD (214) -  Posted on 10th Oct. when it was trading at 160  " resistance 165-170, But trade and stays above that upside target 214-219" after this post it broken 170 on 10th Oct itself and attacked the mentioned upside target of 214-219 on 11th Nov. when it made high 221, not only that from there correction started and on 11th Dec. it made low 190, from there now once again it is moving up.
when next ? 
Now Resistance 220-225
But trade and stays above that next upside target 255-260