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Mahindra & Mahindra

M&M (965) - Resistance 970-980
But above that next upside 1010--1030
But above that mega break out going to happen..

Axis Bank



AMBUJACEM (165) - Support 165-160
Above that upside target 180-185


ABB (707) - Posted on 06th Dec.2013 as "Break out happened, so one more Positive Close above 700 indicates ,ready for big up move, so now support 700-680, Ultimate upside target 920----960, in between resist at 810-830 "

Whereas on 06th Dec it closed below 700 so break out did't happened. But from there,fall started, it came down to 567 on 30th Jan. and from there, it is moving up and up to last Wednesday it made high 734 and closed at 707.  
Now What Next ? 
Resistance 730--750
But above that upside target  845--875
and afterwards Ultimate Upside Target 945--965

Bajaj Electricals


Cadila Healthcare

CADILAHC (996) - Click here to see the previous post dated 10th Feb. and as posted yesterday , first time closed above 990 and two more close require for mega up side target . 

Ultimate upside target 1345-1365 (this may happen with correction or even without)
in between resist at 1075-1090

IndusInd Bank

INDUSINDBK (399) - Resistance  395-400 
But trade and stays above that upside target 420-425
(This level was already tweeted on 23rd Feb itself) 


INFY (3750) - 20th Dec. Posted Positional Target remain same and intact ,that going to be happen over a period of time. 

what is now ? 
Face immediate resist at 3790-3820
But trade and stays above that next upside target 4045-4065


VOLTAS (128) - Above 125 upside target 135-138
and afterwards 147-153
and hold above 147-153 Ultimate upside target 210-220

Tata Elxsi

TATAELXSI  (507) - See post dated 03rd Feb and now no need to explain any thing more....
Already it gave more that Rs.85/- within 5 days.
 so all posted levels are remain same and intact .

Nucleus Software Exports

NUCLEUS (206) - Posted on 24th Jan as " Make or Break level 170--180, If hold above that ready for mega break out, First target 199-209, and the Ultimate Upside Target 300-310"

After this post it made high 201 on 24th Jan., itself ,from there, corrected up to and took support at  169 on 14th Feb.
From 169,  it moved up and up to Last Friday it made high 208. 

so now all mentioned levels are remain same and intact. 

Mcleod Russel India



LUPIN (935) - Posted on 03rd Feb "move beyond 893-903 next in upside once again 940-960" as posted, last Friday it made high 950.75.
Now what next ? 
Once again resistance 940-960
But trade and stays above that upside target 1045-1055 & 1095-1105

Larsen & Toubro

LT (1055) - Now support 1050-1040
Above that upside target 1120-1130

JSW Holdings

JSWHL (585) - Resistance 600-620
But trade and stays above that upside target  790-810


BIOCON (443) - Support 440-437
 and trade above 449-452
 next upside target 479-484

Bharti Airtel

BHARTIARTL (288) - On going fall going to end and support 278-273

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone

ADANIPORTS (167) -  Hurdle 175--185
But trade and stays above that short term upside target 260-270
in between resist at 209-214

Aban Offshore

ABAN (508) -  Strong hurdle 525--575
But above that ready for mega up move.  
trade and stays above that,   upside target 900--950

Promise. Delivered. and of course, this is second time

The below said promise was given to our 2014 MTL & DTL subscribers (Which, the subscription, was already closed on 31stDec. 2013 itself):

“Apart from the MTL & DTL subscription service, For the year 2014, we are going to give few positional calls and few F&O Option strategy exclusively for 2014 subscribers (this is because repeated request from our existing subscribers and mailers) and hope, one call itself, with investment of 5 digit figures, can fetch more than the fee paid by 2014 subscribers. So other things are extra for the whole year 2014.”

As promised, After Jan. 2014  Bharatforge Call, we sent one more mail on 02nd Feb.2014, our second positional call, to our subscribers and the following is the details:


Buy Around 365--345
Upside Target  405--425
(stop below 345 on closing basis)


After this mail, on 04th Feb. it made low 346 (Please note it,  exactly 346)  and after 12 days, today it attacked the mentioned upside…
NF (6159) -Posted on 14th Feb "Resistnace 6030-6060 but above that next upside target and resist 6145-6175"
As posted it broken 6030-6060 on 14th Feb Itself, from there it is moving up and up to yesterday it made high 6167 so mentioned upside target and resist attacked,
now what next ? 

As posted Now resist 6145-6175 remain same
But trade and stays above that next upside target 6260-6290
If not move beyond the mentioned resist,  then once again down side support 6060-6030

Multi Commodity Exchange of India

MCX (543) - Resistance 545-555
But trade and stays above that upside target 621-631

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (623) - Posted on 24th Jan . and posted levels are remain same and intact. 

because yesterday once again made high 625 

Tata Communications

TATACOMM (272) - Posted on 07th Feb  "FACE RESISTANCE 302-307" as posted exactly it resisted, when it made high exactly at 305.85 on 12th Feb., from there it is falling down and as posted several times now it come down to the support level of 275-265.
so now support remain same at 275-265 level 
But trade and stays below, then ready for big down move .
first target 250  , second target 235-230 
and afterwards Ultimate down side target 210-205

Tube Investments of India

TUBEINVEST (192) - Support 191-188
Above that upside target 211-216


SIEMENS (562) - Now Support 555-545
and immediate resist at 570-580
Above that  upside target 630-640

Maruti Suzuki India

MARUTI (1708) -  Now Support  1700-1690 
Above that upside target  1788-1798

Bharat Heavy Electricals


The Federal Bank

FEDERALBNK (74.40) - Support 73-71
But trade and stays below that down side target 57-55
in between support 66-65

State Bank of India

SBIN (1475) - Posted on 27th Jan., Mentioned first down side target 1460-1440 as posted as on last Friday it attacked the target, when it made low 1455.

and now if it trade and stays below 1460-1440  as posted on 27th Jan.
next in down side 1230-1200
and afterwards Ultimate  down side target 1000-980

Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTANSFIN (556) - Strong support 550-530
But trade and stays below that next break down going to happen 
in that case, Ultimate down side target 425-405
in between support 485-475

Sun TV Network


Tata Elxsi


Tata Consultancy Services

TCS (2167) - Support 2140-2120
Above that upside target 2255-2285


WOCKPHARMA (395) - support 385-380
but below that down side target 344-334

Yes Bank

YESBANK (301) - now support 292-290 above that upside target 325-330
but below support next in down side 275--265

NF (6005) - Now resistance 6030-6060
Below that down side target and support 5950-5920
But below that next in down side 5810-5780

In case trade and stays above 6030-6060 then, already mentioned, next  upside resist of 6145-6175 remain same. 

Bajaj Electricals

BAJAJELEC (228) - Posted on 27th Dec. target and resist 220---240 as posted it went up to 235.90 on 02nd Jan., from there corrected up to 195 and yesterday once again made high 233.
once again resistance 220--240

but  if it close  above 240 then 240--220 become Support
and for this Ultimate upside target 315--335

Amara Raja Batteries

AMARAJABAT (365) - Posted on 03rd Oct and posted target of 365-375, attacked on 19th Dec., from their corrected up to 315 on 20th Jan. and now once again yesterday it made high 367. 
as posted on 03rd Oct. now trade above 365-375
another round of up move going to happen 
if it happen, next upside target 445-455.

NIIT Technologies

NIITECH (419) - In the last four months it moved up from 278 to 421
So now Face Hurdle 427-437 and Last hurdle 462-472

In case if it cross and close above the mentioned both hurdles,  then it become support and ready for mega up move. 
Target 806-816

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHPARMA (611) - Posted on 24th Jan itself. All posted levels are remain same and intact. After this post on the same day it went up to 614.70, from there corrected up to 580 on 28th Jan and yesterday once again made high 614.70.

Info: Q3 results on 13th Feb.

Cadila Healthcare

CADILAHC (903) - Trade Above 915-920 , face last resist between 960-990
But trade and stays above that,  ready for mega up move ,
if it happen, will post the upside target 

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (1125) - Posted on 05th Feb support 1115-1090, as posted it holding this mentioned support in the last  7 days (it made lowest low 1098.55 on 06th Feb). 
now what next ? 
so support remain same at 1115-1090
above that upside target 1220-1240
in between resist at 1170-1180
Latest News : The government is set to sell its stake in Axis Bank , which forms part of the SUUTI portfolio. Government will sell about 10.3 percent stake on February 14 via a block deal. In fact bankers are in the process of talking to high networth individuals (HNIs) as well as Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) for participation in the stake sale. According to sources, The government has also prepared a negative list of investors who will not be able to participate in the block deal . This means the final investors that come in will be after finance ministry’s approval. The government approved Axis’ proposal to raise its Foreign Investment limit to 62 percent from 49 percent. This move was a…

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise

APOLLOHOSP (945) - Now support 940--920
Above that face resist at 986-996
But trade and stays above that next in upside 1095-1115

Mcleod Russel India

MCLEODRUSS (259) - After a non stop fall from 330,  yesterday arrested at 247 level and seems it find time being bottom. so here after Close below 245 only next weakness otherwise expect pull back from here.
Now support 250-245
above that first upside target 272-277 and above that 295-300
But here after close below 245 next in down side 218-206