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Transport Corporation of India

TCI  (225) -  Posted on 03rd July 2014 , when it was trading at 216 as   "Support 210-200  and  Strong Support 185--165 ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 335--355"
After this post, on 21st Oct 2014 it came down to 187.90 and on 10th April 2015 it went up to 303.80,from there once again it came down to 199.20 on 09th June 2015 and once again it went up to 322 on 19th Aug. 2015 and again came down to 215 on 25th Aug. and now trading at 239. 
So mentioned upside target yet to attack (Rs.13 short fall) but repeatedly took support at mentioned support level.
Now all mentioned levels are remain same and intact. that is...

Support 210-200
Strong Support 185--165
Upside target  335-355
Recent broad congestion indicate beyond the target , target extended to 408--428.

Amrutanjan Health Care Limited

AMRUTANJAN (419) - Posted on 13th March as "Resistance 530--550" 

After this post, on 08th April it went up to 565 but that day closed at 545, so resisted at the mentioned resistance level and from there , it came down to 393 on 03rd June , from there once again resisted at the mentioned level of 530-550 (made high 530.90 on 10th Aug.) and  once again made low 391 on 21st Aug and now at 419.

Now what next ? 

Support 395---365
But below that next down side target 219--189

Resistance 530--560

But above the next upside target 670---740

Note : If click the above posted stock logo, can get the posted stock details (including price data, fundamentals,financials and company profile ),  Credit : msn money.