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NF (4929) - Resistance 4970-4990  and above that  next resist 5040-5060
Support  4910-4890 and below that  next support 4860-4840

Punjab National Bank

PNB (745) -  Posted on 28th Feb "last hope and support 888 and below that down side target 750" as posted it broke the support 888 on 24th april and on 10th may it attacked the mentioned down side target of 750 (and last friday made low 735 also)
now what next ?
Crucial level 750
But three consecutive close below 750 then next short term  down move target  560-540
( Already one close happened below 750 on last friday )

Otherwise expect pull back from here. 

Ranbaxy Laboratories


Reliance Industries

RELIANCE (697) -  Double bottom support 690-687
Trade and stays below that big down move going to happen

otherwise expect pull back 725 & 745

Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (473) - As posted on 16th April "Below 525 down side target 476" as posted it already attacked the down side target for the last three days (made low 464).
now what next ?
Timebeing support exists at 469-464
But trade and stays below that next down side target 427-421

Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS (297) -   As reminded on 20th April  It went upto the mentioned resistance of 320-324 (made high 320 not one day but three days on 19,20 and 21 april) and from there already corrected to 288 .
now what next ?
Support 292-288 and resistance 320-324
But trade and stays below 288 then next down side target 265-260