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Glodyne Technoserve

GLODYNE (67.75) - This was the post of 04th May 2012 "It seems yesterday topped out at 435 and now trade and stays below 420 it is more confirmed" As posted, exactly it topped out at 435 and from there after zig zag  movement, once again it attacked  435 on 25th June 2012 and from there fall started and after that crash & down freeze session started and as on last Friday  still in down freeze at 67.75 Now May be down freeze going to end between 42-38 in coming days. (Moral of this stock movement  is once again remind us that  "Good or Bad comes later but the Chart shows it little earlier  but the important is identifying it and the most important is capitalization it ) Below is the chart for the past six months movement  just zoom  and see it.