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NF (5965) - As posted on 13th Feb It resisted at 5979 on 13th Feb. itself (mentioned resistance 5964-5984) and last Friday  it supported at 5859 (mentioned support 5865-5835 and yesterday once again attacked the resistance of 5964-5984 (made high 5974) 
So now no change in the levels. All levels are remain same and intact. Once again Resistance 5964-5984 but above that next in upside 6050-6080

Support 5865-5835

 But below that only real weakness going to happen  (if it happen, then, will post the down side level)

Venky's (India)


Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (477) - Now near the resistance
Now face resist at 482-487
But in case trade and stays above that next in upside 510-515


DLF (280) -  Already posted on 21st Jan itself  and reminded on 01st Feb also
As posted it made top at 279 on 31st Jan and from there corrected up to 242 on 15th Feb. and from there now once again made high 281.
so all mentioned levels remain same 

It seems once again top out at 279-274 level 
(even though it made high  281)

If it hold above this level then only next uptrend 

for that the short term upside target 396-406
In between resist at 313-321