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NF (6197) - Already posted levels are remain same and no change in it. that is ..
Below 6240-6210 next downside target and support 6140-6120
and now in case trade below 6140-6120 fall continue to 6010-5980
Trade above 6210-6240 next up side 6370-6400



Bharat Heavy Electricals

BHEL (154.60) - Posted on 02nd Dec. "support 153-149 above that upside target 175-180" as posted it moved up and exactly made high 176.95 on 09th Dec. not only that, from there correction started and up to last Friday it made low 154. 

so as posted already. now the support exists at 153-149 
but below fall continue to 144-140


CIPLA (377) - Below 380-386  weak only 
for this first down side target 365-360 and next 355-350

Godrej Industries

GODREJIND (259) - Break down 260
So now it is in crucial level 
As long as stays below 260-265 
then the down side target 218-214
in between support 237-233

Indian Oil Corporation

IOC (199) - Posted on 14th Nov. "Support 196-193 above that upside target 211-214, But below Support, down side target & Last hope and Support 186-180 But below 186-180  big down move going to happen First target 150-145 & Ultimate Target 134-130"
as posted it took support at 197 on 14th Nov and attacked the mentioned target of 211-214 (made high 211 on 09th Dec) and from there fall started and as on last Friday it made low 198.50.
so now 14th Nov. posted levels are remain same and intact. 

Jet Airways (India)

JETAIRWAYS (273) - Posted on 25th July itself. about its down target that is 'As long as hold  below 380-390,down side target 285-275"
after this post it came down and took support at 279 on 28th Aug. and from their it moved up and made high 414 on 04th Oct. and from their fall started and as on last Friday it made low 270.
 what next ? 
now once again it is in make or break level
Now As long as stays below 285-275 then the Ultimate down side target is 144-140

Yes Bank

YESBANK (365) - As reminder post dated  09th Dec. mentioned target of 400-405 attacked on 09th Dec itself (made high 414+) and not only that from there correction started and up to last Friday it made low 364.50. 
now what next ? 
Already mentioned (on 02nd Dec itself)down side support of 362-358 remain same  so now on going fall going to end and take support at 362-358, if it so, once again up move only.
But in case trade and stays below 362-358 then the down fall continue to 337-327