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Rallis India

RALLIES (167) -  Posted on 27th Nov. Itself and as posted it resisted at the mentioned level of 180-190 (made high 185) . from there corrected up to 150  and now it is moving up..  It seems correction over and once again up wards journey started... so now If not break 165 then once again face resist at 180--190 but above that, as posted already,  upside target  260--270

PI Industries

PIIND (263) -   Support 250-245 Resistance 266-276 But above that upside target 316-326

Just Dial

JUSTDIAL (1473) - Whoever ready to take risk, can take this, for short term gain Now support 1440-1400  If take this level support , then, going to attack 1780-1820 (probably this month itself )